Bonnie Li

Student researcher in deep reinforcement learning

McGill | Mila
Montréal, Canada

I’m a bundle of atoms and you’re a bundle of atoms, and somehow we are exchanging information through what bundles like us built. Pretty cool!


I'm Bonnie, an AI researcher in training, working towards a more generalized notion of artificial intelligence.

I'm an undergrad at McGill University studying Mathematics and Computer Science. I'm working on reinforcement learning with Joelle Pineau. I'm interested in reinforcement learning, meta learning, and latent space modeling.

In the past I worked on reinforcement learning at Mila in Yoshua Bengio's group, then imitation learning at Vector Institute in Jimmy Ba's group.



Domain Adversarial Reinforcement Learning
Bonnie Li, Vincent François-Lavet, Thang Doan, Joelle Pineau
Deep Reinforcement Learing Workshop, NeurIPS 2020.

A 3D-Printed, Adjustable Armband for Electromyography-Based Finger Movement Classification With Haptic Feedback
In IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics 2020.

One Demonstration Imitation Learning
Bradly Stadie, Siyan Zhao, Qiqi Xu, Bonnie Li, Lunjun Zhang
Preprint, submitted to International Conference on Learning Representation (ICLR) 2020.

Find me

Shoot me an email at bonniesjli@gmail.com - I love to chat.